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Longmire experts provide you a world-class professional service to meet precisely the needs of your business. Our broad knowledge and skills allow us to intervene effectively in the field and to meet the most advanced needs with the latest technologies.


Installation, maintenance and selling alarm and video surveillance systems, all technologies, domestic and industrial, biometrics and all types of processing via artificial intelligence, advanced attendance and access control systems.


Design, development and maintenance of structured IT systems: websites, softwares, information processing and supervision applications, HMI and industrial programmable logic controllers.


Design, programming and installation of custom-made electronic cards for your installations, industrial or domestic, home automation architectures: shutters, lights, VMC-ventilations, temperature control, sockets and connected devices.


Installation, repair, diagnosis, switchboard replacement, cable routing, lighting and luminescence, measurements and analyses, simulation, planning bureau, installation, programming and maintenance of Industrial machines.


A technical study bureau in the field of 3D architecture, modeling and sculpture, design and development of your projects, production and delivery of 3D files as well as detailed plans. We can produce from a single piece to an entire neighborhood.


We develop and publish video games for the general public, direct and produce films and short films, videos and musics as well as any intellectual art.

What advantages of working with Longmire ?

We know how to give clear and precise answers to any problem, while preserving your cash flow, we are developing complex techniques to simplify customer use as much as possible. In addition, we are constantly updating ourselves by using new technologies and new techniques. With us, you are sure to have the latest technologies while having solutions suitable for your needs.

  • Latest technology
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Sustainable and ecological quality
  • More extensive warranties
  • International presence
  • World-class services
  • A strong support
  • High grade after-sales service

Note that we are not providing services to individuals outside France.

What we do the most

Name Relevance
Security Systems High
Software Development High
3D Architecture High

No more ambiguities on your projects, our experts are here for you