A presence in many economic fields.


Development and production of videogames. Directing and producing movies and musics. Artistic and Intellectual works.


Design of electronic and robotic-automated systems. Development and maintenance of structured IT systems.


Installation and maintenance of industrial and domestic security systems: video surveillance, alarms, access control and biometry.


Installation and maintenance of industrial and domestic low voltage electricity systems: switchboards, sockets, lights, phasing, motors, sensors, grounding, ATEX standards...

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Longmire experts provide you a world-class professional service to meet precisely the needs of your business. Our broad knowledge and skills allow us to intervene effectively in the field and to meet the most advanced needs with the latest technologies.


Installation, maintenance and selling alarm and video surveillance systems, all technologies, domestic and industrial, biometrics and all types of processing via artificial intelligence, advanced attendance and access control systems.


Design, development and maintenance of structured IT systems: websites, softwares, information processing and supervision applications, HMI and industrial programmable logic controllers.


Design, programming and installation of custom-made electronic cards for your installations, industrial or domestic, home automation architectures: shutters, lights, VMC-ventilations, temperature control, sockets and connected devices.


Installation, repair, diagnosis, switchboard replacement, cable routing, lighting and luminescence, measurements and analyses, simulation, planning bureau, installation, programming and maintenance of Industrial machines.


A technical study bureau in the field of 3D architecture, modeling and sculpture, design and development of your projects, production and delivery of 3D files as well as detailed plans. We can produce from a single piece to an entire neighborhood.


We develop and publish video games for the general public, direct and produce films and short films, videos and musics as well as any intellectual art.

Our hands on every step, from design to production.

Controlling each step.

With a discipline of perfectionism, we have control over each step of our process to ensure the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

Our main worldwide departments


Security, Video surveillance and Access Control systems works department.

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Longmire Studio

Computer development and programming, video games, softwares and applications, websites, HMI and Supervision Interfaces, 3D Design.

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Longmire Electricity

Department of Electrocnic Projects, Automation, Design and programmation of electronic boards and electronic architectures.

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